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System & Servers

With more than 10 years of experience, we have the expertise in each field.
Network Consultant, Technical Consultant, Solution Consultant, Security Consultant and many other fields. Free consultation for you.

Personal Computing

Leading personal computers such as Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq for business or home use.


Leading personal computers such as Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq for business or home use.

Printing Solutions

We offer high-speed printing and consumable supplies that are ideal for organizations that are constantly printing on-the-fly printing, recognizing the cost to them.

By focusing on the right type of information, using the most cost effective resources, in addition to reducing costs, it also helps reduce global warming.

We Provides both hardware and software solutions for printing within the organization.

Hi-speed Printer

The SystemP co., Ltd. could be provided the entire printing solution consulting included in installation, seting up and distribution the other high quality printing materials. We are also distributed many kind of printer such as the High Speed Line Matrix Printer, High Speed Laser Printer and High Speed Ink-jet Printer. The particular printers and all materials that we provide are guarantee a high quality for one page printing, two pages printing and full-colors printing from world class companies such as Ricoh and Oce’ Cannon.

Our current customers are both of government organization and industry. Our printing solution can support barcode tags printing, receipts and Invoices printing for a huge industry that non-stop working without unstable or unexpected downtime.

Choosing the suitable and high quality printing solution is very important. We realize that the unexpected downtime have to be ‘zero’ for our customers. We provide the after sale service by our specialist that having strong experience and product training in the printing solution and also we have many service centers can cover the service for all areas in Thailand. Our customers can make sure their continuous business process with the maintenance service on-time.

Consumable Product

We provide the printer materials such as the printer toner, printer ribbon and cartridge for both of laser printer and ink-jet printer. We also provide the rolling sticker paper for special printing to support customer requirement.

All kind of our products are directly purchase from the world class company such as Canon, Oce’, Richo, FujiXerox and etc. Our specialists are also having a strong experience, product training and quarantined with the product certifications. The quality of printer materials will be decreased because of its short life-time then we manage the inventory to control the product quality base on the zero-stock concept.